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For on the day booking enquiries, please call us if nothing shows on the calendar as we may be able to fit you in:

01986 872714 

When booking a service, please read the description fully before proceeding. 

Take note of the table you are booking, as not all are suitable for those with accessibility needs or pushchairs. Please book the table most suited to your group size. (eg for 2-4 people please don't book a table suitable for 6 unless it is the only one left) Your cooperation is appreciated in helping us manage our reservations.

What we do

  • Enjoy this mindful activity with a two hour painting session!

    2 hr

  • Santa's treats and Reindeer feet

    30 min

  • Get gorgeous gifts with our ceramic keepsake service fully customised ...

    30 min

  • Casting is one of the most special ways to create a lasting memory, bo...

    1 hr

  • These keepsakes really stand out and make a statement!

    1 hr

  • Capture tiny details with these adorable keepsakes!

    1 hr

  • 30 minute beginners session to throw your own pot - This class runs on...

  • Buy now, pay later option for 3D casting for babies aged 0-12 months...

    1 hr

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