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Purple Pumpkin Creative studio is a hive of fun for all ages! We specialise in paint your own pottery, baby and toddler print keepsakes, 2D and 3D casting as well as events, throwing, parties and so much more! 

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About us

Our studio opened it's doors for the first time in October 2019, and what a rollercoaster it has been! Open, closed,  open half way, closed.. but hey,  it's been pretty fun! Art has always been a huge part of my life, but mostly just admiring it; until this gorgeous shop in Halesworth came up for rent and I just knew that East Suffolk NEEDED a great place to get creative; play with clay,  paint pottery,  have parties and social events to bring the community together from new born to the young at heart. Specialising in capturing beautiful keepsake prints with our non toxic glazes and impression work in super soft clay; we are fortunate enough to have people travel large distances for this service. Our items are reasonably priced to allow us to be accessible for families, for a memory captured in time, should be something that everyone can enjoy. Our keepsake prints start from just £10. 


Pottery painting is a great activity for children; I mean,  who doesn't want a brown and pink unicorn?! EXACTLY! Our studio is somewhere that everyone can wind down,  pick up a brush,  and let their emotions flow through onto your project. Art,  painting,  crafting is a well known activity for helping with mindfulness,  inner peace and relaxation. Our studio is welcome to all ages and abilities; If you need a quiet space,  if you want to bring your dog,  if you require more room,  you just let us know and we will make your visit as comfortable as possible,  we want everyone to be able to enjoy our studio. 


Did you know? We also offer a takeaway service? Best of all, it's calorie free! (unless,  like me,  you require a side of  chocolate with your pottery painting, then I'm making no promises on the calories!)  Call us up,  pop in or email us with your pottery choices and we will package everything up for you to paint in the comfort of your own home! 


We have over 200 items to choose from at the studio,  something for everyone! Visiting Suffolk? Everyone knows you HAVE to paint pottery whilst on holiday,  so yes,  we can post your items! (just don't choose the T-Rex with the long tail!) 


Booking is always recommended but not always essential. Our capacity is limited,  so where possible,  give us a buzz or pop a booking request over. Halesworth has some wonderful independent shops, bistro's and  cafe's, so if we can't fit you in right away on arrival,  we can certainly recommend somewhere for a stop-gap!


We serve barista coffee,  smoothies and iced drinks as well as a few tasty snacks for when you're painting with us,  so what are you waiting for? Get booked in

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